Kawairashii Mismatched Balls Cuff Chain and Dangle Drop Earrings: Kpop Inspired Jewelry

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Kawairashii. Quite simply, lovely. Beauty comes in all shapes and forms from simple to complex.

This cuff chain and dangle drop earring mismatched pair are quite different. Simple chains interspersed with balls that seem to travel like dazzling lights. They dance as you move, beckoning others to take a good look. 

In the dangle drop earring, the chain loops under the balls as if emanating out like an aura. On the cuff chain, the chains connect from the post to the butterfly back, adding an elegant touch.


Dangle Drop Earring length: ~1.5"

Cuff chain earring ~

Chains from post: ~1.25"

Chains from post to cuff earring: ~3" and ~3.5"