Bubbles Mismatched Circles Chain Cuff and Wrap Earrings: Kpop Inspired Jewelry

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 A trio of circles dangle from chains and wrap from the simple post to the butterfly back. 

The chain cuff earring has a similar style. A circle dangling from chains that wrap from the post to the butterfly back. Also from the circle is a chain that connects the ensemble to a cuff earring (great for non-pierced cartilage!). From the cuff earring falls a long chain ending in two circles.

Bubbles. Random and whimsical, like our thoughts and memories. They bubble up at different speeds. Some float, seemingly at rest. A dream that lingers for a moment longer.

These unique earrings simulate rising bubbles that will dance around your ears. People will take a second look with this pair!


Wrap Earring length: ~1.5"

Cuff chain earring ~

Chains from dangling circle to cuff earring: ~3"  

Circles and Chain dangling from cuff: ~ 1.75"

Dangling Circle and chain: ~1"