Cycles Circles Cuff Chain Earring Jokyo: Kpop Inspired Jewelry

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From a post earring (for pierced earlobe) dangles a concentric circle and two smaller circles falling from chains. From the post to the cuff earring (great for non-pierced cartilage!) are three chains each interrupted by a different size circle.

'Jokyo' means 'circumstances'. Our circumstances are affected by others and we create circumstances that affect others. No one is alone and everything is interconnected. These circles that dance on chains seem to be flowing to the concentric circles that have dropped their own set of circles. The movement, the rhythm, and the flow of life.

Lengths of chains from post to cuff: ~3", ~3.25", and ~3.75"

Concentric circle: ~0.5"

Circles danging from post: ~0.75" and ~1.5"