Akogare Mismatched Parallelogram Cuff Chain and Dangle Drop Earrings: Kpop Inspired Jewelry

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Akogare is a sense of aspiration to be like someone else.

Hero worship, bro crush, whatever you want to call it, when someone achieves greatness they inspire you to strive for success as well.

The cuff chain earring holds two parallograms with curved sides. One is solid and the other is bevel shaped.

The dangle drop earring holds a circle from which similar parallelograms swing from chains.

Similar, but not the same. One has achieved a goal, the other is on its way.

Dangle Drop Earring length: ~2.5"

Cuff chain earring ~

Parallelograms and chains: ~1" and ~1.5"

Chains from post to cuff earring: ~2.75" and ~3"