Chains Cuff Chain Earring Rakka: Kpop Inspired Jewelry

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A post earring (for pierced earlobe) and from a butterfly back falls a circle connecting to four chains. Two of those chains dangle, one longer than the other. The other chains link back to a cuff earring (great for non-pierced cartilage!) that also has a little chain of its own..

'Rakka' sounds a bit like 'rocker', and this cuff earring is indeed a rocker look. However, 'rakka' means 'falling', for all the falling chains. The hard things in life can weigh you down, but like a fighter training to be better, you take the things that are heavy and you use them to make you stronger.

Lengths of chains from post to cuff: ~3" and ~3.75"

Chains and circle danging from the butterfly back: ~1" and ~1.25"