Pet Cooling Mat Pad Bed for Small Dogs or Cats Lightweight Washable Thin Blanket Cushion Breathable Fabric Quilted: Small Dog Mat

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Function and fashion. iDog JAPAN's I LOVE IT! small pet cooling pads consist of 3 layers: cool touch fabric, soft cotton filling, and linen-like fabric in cute designs.
Portable, washable, comfortable quilted small pet cooling mats for little dogs and cats!

Cool touch fabric provides a touch of cool. Will NOT get cold so your furbaby will be comfortable.

(Please note: if you are looking for a cooling mat for really hot and humid days that will stay cold for hours, please consider gel or water-filled mats. I LOVE IT! mats are for regular use.)

FURNITURE PROTECTION. Use the pet cooling pad on your pet's favorite spot. Chair, sofa, bed, floor, crate, kennel, wherever he or she loves to rest.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY! Foldable, rollable, portable pet travel mat! Place cool pet mat over the car seat, bench, ground, wherever your furbaby wants to take a break.

SIZE is a little smaller than: 40 cm x 60 cm (About 15.5 inches x 23.5 inches.)
Great for small dogs and cats, such as chihuahuas, shih tzus, dachshunds, yorkies, or as a puppy mat or kitten mat!

Materials: Cotton, polyester, nylon

No polymers, glues, crystals, or phase changing materials.

Fabric pros:

Polyester and nylon are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and dry quickly. These fabrics are often used in active wear.

Cotton, linen, and linen-like fabrics are soft, comfortable, and lightweight. They are the go-to fabrics for summer.

EASY CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Washable / Hand Wash / No Bleach / Air Dry

Hand wash with a mild detergent in warm or lukewarm water.

Or place mat in a mesh laundry bag. Machine wash delicate cycle.

Dry well!

No bleach.

Keep away from flame.

Please note:

  • The color of the mats may vary slightly due to photography and different PC monitors.
  • The mats will NOT get cold like gel mats. The mat fabrics provide a 'touch of cool'.

How Cooling Mats Work

Conduction - the movement of heat from an object with a higher temperature to an object with a lower temperature.

Dogs lay on the mat and there is a transfer of heat from the dog to the mat.

The mat eventually loses its 'cool'.

When the dog leaves the mat, the 'heat' in the mat dissipates (goes away) into the air, and the mat becomes cool again.

A normal dog's temperature is usually 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

All mats lose their cool, (even if they are water, gel filled, or have some other chemical cooling method.)

Cotton is very breathable. Fluff out this natural touch of cool mat and it will 'cool down' quicker and be good to use again.

What type of cooling mat should I get?

Great question! It depends on your needs.

If you are looking for a lightweight, thin mat you can roll up and use in a pinch, this mat may be for you.

You can take it with you to:

- use on a cafe seat

- place on a park bench

- roll out to protect a friend's floor, sofa, chair, or other furniture

- on top of the car seat for a quick car ride

And with such pretty designs your dog can look good and feel good.

However, if it's especially hot and your dog needs extra cooling, you may want to consider thicker mats, possibly gel or ice water fill. Conduction works better when there is a bigger temperature difference between your dog and the mat. Plus, the thicker the mat, the more heat can transfer into it.

These mats may not be as portable. And you also want to be careful of any toxic materials used in the mat.