About Me

Welcome! And thank you for visiting my store!

Hi, everyone! My name is Sylia and I make jewelry.

I also like cute and useful things. At my store, you will also find curated pet supplies and other interesting products.


How it all began

When my mom's medical issues started getting worse, I left my job to become her primary care giver. 

To keep my skills up and to keep earning part time, I delved into ecommerce. I have been selling on Etsy for a little while now. My shop (ImpulseNotionJewelry) is still up. However, selling on Etsy hasn't been smooth sailing. They will offer features and then take them away (i.e. restock request). They switched to a Global Shipper where international orders are stuck in a facility in Smithtown, NY for weeks at a time, leaving international buyers hanging. 

They have a '$35 order minimum for free shipping ' option they push sellers to choose so that we get priority in the search results. I have tried to offer the less expensive $25 minimum for free shipping, but my sales tanked. This meant that my products (which were once showing high in the search results), were pushed way back so potential customers couldn't see them easily :( ).

Changing to Shopify means more options for me and the customer!

That includes offering other products :D.

I lived in Japan after college for a few years and I was always impressed with the quality (and cuteness!) of their products. 

My family's dogs, Honey and Sunny, were such characters and I was always looking for things they might like. Japanese pet products are great quality and they are so adorable!

I decided to carry Japanese pet supplies in my store. You can find pet mats and other products that are cute and useful.



I have a creative side I was inching to scratch. 

I really admired the wonderful jewelry Kpop artists sported. Unisex, elegant, and different. Soon I was inspired to make my own pieces. My designs have evolved.

I try to gear toward 'different'. Most of my pieces are mismatched earrings as well as single and chain cuff work. My newest pieces include necklaces and bracelets. 



I jam out to different genres when I am making my jewelry. Music inspires and stirs emotion. Sometimes I choose music to fit my moods, and sometimes music changes my moods. I believe the melodies help the creative process.

Boa was my first intro to Kpop, but I also credit Rain for really drawing me in. Soon I was following Brown Eyed Girls, Big Bang, TVXQ and others. My playlists are filled with the likes of artists like Taemin, Kara, Jackson Wang, 2NE1, Got7, EXO, NCT 127 / U / Dream, f(x), Block B, Ailee, MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, and of course, BTS.

When I am feeling nostalgic, Utada Hikaru, Chemistry, Ayumi Hamasaki, 80s and 90s American pop, heavy metal, and many others make epic returns to my playlist.

Right now, The Hu (Mongolian folk metal band) and Sekai no Owari (Jpop band) are on repeat.